A 5 Step Brand Building Model for any Startup

Build on these pillars and you’ll attract the right customers

Photo by Bram. on Unsplash

1) Analyse the market

First up, you need to build a list of all the brands out there and think about the tone of voice they use, the price points they have and how those brands are positioned — you can only find a gap, if you know what else is out there.

2) Set out your positioning options

Once you’ve swept the market, consider all the positions available to your brand; should they extract and showcase the components or ingredients of the product? Should they be focused on the region or location of your service?

These positioning grids can be used for message testing

3) Determine a bank of messaging

Next, use your positioning maps to consider some actual messaging that could be tested in a product or advertising environment.

Headline options will determine your brands position when tested

4) Test all messaging options in advertising

Using your headline options, you can A/B test in a chosen advertising environment.

5) Optimise

A front-runner will begin to emerge.

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