Empower your voice and boost your credibility

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Empowerment is key.

Many of us can reach a stage of stagnation in our careers. We can stumble through many crossroads or forks in the road that challenge us to stick with what we know, or twist for something different.

Equally, we can be in the perfect job, with an ideal role and maximum motivation but even in this apparent ideal state, it’s common to become dependent on the companies we work for.

Our value is dependent on how committed they are to training, or how invested they are in our futures. …

Covid-19 has us yearning for a normality that may no longer exist

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In these unprecedented times, where a global pandemic rages and draconian isolation reins, the return to normality is a glistening beacon of hope on the horizon.

It’s a turn of phrase you’ll have heard a lot over the last few weeks. Most sentences are now pre-empted with the obligatory, “well, when life goes back to normal… we can get back to doing XYZ.” or “As soon as this is over, and normality returns, we’ll be back to XYZ”.

The need for normality has never been greater.

Not in…

A poem capturing the rush hour moments of London.


Legs walking, strides flowing.
Eyes drawn to street.
Water droplets, waxed macintoshes, running, sliding, glistening.
Creased leather, worn soles.
Open collars, closed expressions.
Mouths talking to distant ears, satellites in overdrive.
Halogen bulbs, glaring, cutting, guiding traffic.
Monochrome suitcases, passports clutched.

Steam taps squeal, shots pour.
Windows fog, condensation builds, shelter beckons.
Order taken, umbrellas left.
Dusting of sugar.
Brickwork fading, London resemblant.
Flashes of deep red, bus lights waning.
Red. Amber. Green.
Revolving doors spin, coat and tails stand to attention.

Crowded tunnels, heads rushing.
Woollen coats, turned up collars.

This Japanese School of Thought Will Keep you In a Flow of Success

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In our age of endless distraction, with buzzing smartphones and whirring laptops; strong focus and efficient productivity have never been harder to come by.

At the root of our always-on culture is a growing human desire to perform many tasks at once, or to have continuous micro-distractions breaking our concentration i.e. checking our Twitter timeline every few minutes, or habitually flashing up Instagram.

The result?

A negligible effect on our attention span, leading to more frequent breaks in focus, a decline in our productivity and ultimately impacting…

Great fiction writing needs great characters.

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Any fiction book worth it’s salt has brilliant characters.

Characters are often the spine of the narrative, the meat on the bones of the plot and they can personify subliminal themes or reflect traits of the authors personality.

Characterisation and writing for characters is an important skill for any good fiction writer and the most famous works of fiction have equally famous characters.

Of Mice and Men, think Lennie and George, The Toy Story — Buzz and Woody, Great Expectations — Pip and Miss Havisham; the list is endless.

Great fiction, needs great characters…

Build on these pillars and you’ll attract the right customers

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It’s a funny old game, startups.

In the age of e-commerce, where so much is at our fingertips; we take a lot for granted and we sometimes expect results too quickly.

It’s a symptom of our growth-hack minded, business landscape.

Business can grow and move so quickly in the digital age, so naturally our expectation for commercial return has been accelerated and conditioned for instant gratification.

But if you’re looking to build a business from scratch, and you’re yet to acquire any funding; it can be a daunting process —…

A short story to transport the mind, body and soul.

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Eyes begin to open.

The aesthetic glare of a stout bedside alarm clock seeps into the small hotel room with a dull, artificial glow — combatting the early morning gloom.

The small metallic bell within the plastic casing is frantically buzzing as the alarm triggers…

Time to get up.

Eyes are blood shot, but now definitely open.

Ezekiel stirs from his sleep, smacking the plastic casing of the alarm clock with the heel of his hands, the metallic buzzing stops and the light-up display flickers and twitches.

He moves his…

Practical and strategic tips to start generating cash flow

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There’s never been a better time to be an independent brand.

Home grown DTC’s (direct to consumer’s) are threatening retail behemoths, producing some of the worlds best branding and driving product innovation to a new high.

A DTC’s ability to stay nimble, cut out the middle man and speak directly to a consumer base through tailored social media content and intelligent activations; has led to a boom in smaller start-up products and companies.

Basement brands are achieving great success. There’s no doubt about it.

Services and platforms like Shopify have enabled…

The American author of Fahrenheit 451 was a master of his craft

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The famous futurist and author Ray Bradbury is one of America’s greatest writing exports of the last hundred years.

His novel Fahrenheit 451, in my humble opinion, is second only to George Orwell’s 1984 as the greatest dystopian novel ever written and it’s style and craft was way, way ahead of its time — no Bradbury, no Netflix’s Black Mirror.

Bradbury was a prolific novelist, he wrote at least 22 novels with various others being left incomplete or unpublished.

He was an extremely philosophic figure and his ability…

First CBD, next LSD…

, Fortune

Since the 2018 Farm Bill in the United States, CBD, short for cannabidiol - the chemical compound from the cannabis plant - became federally legal.

In the UK, a market typically hardened to any form of weed associated legalisation, made CBD legal for medical purposes from November 1st 2018.

That meant that all medical conditions in the UK could now be considered for cannabis-based treatment and doctors would no longer need to seek approval from an expert panel in order to prescribe CBD medicines.

For those not in the know, CBD is a naturally occurring substance…

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